Kirsty Mitchell

Growing up, art became my sole passion. I studied until I was 25, taking courses in the history of art, photography, fine art, and then on to train in 'Costume for Performance' at the London College of Fashion.

Het verhaal van Kirsty.
In a world of computer-generated imagery, I shoot all my pictures for real out in the landscape. They are not created in a computer, they are real-life and constructed like mini film sets in front of the camera. There have been times where I have waited for an entire year for a certain field of flowers to bloom for a picture. I am not only a photographer, as I create everything that is in my pictures. I hand make the costumes, props and sets, which can take many months, and are really 80% of my process for producing an image. So I call myself an artist not a photographer for this reason. The pictures are entirely my vision, I design every last detail including the physical appearance of my characters (once I even made a wig for one of them). Everyone helps build the set on the shoot day, even the make-up artist (Elbie Van Eeden) and the models! We are a tiny team of very close friends and we all work equally hard. I am independent. My work is entirely self-funded, I only work for myself, I have achieved everything on my own from the ground up - no agency, no funding and I am self taught. I used to be a fashion designer. I strongly believe in using unusual unique models who are not typical commercial beauty. I believe in diversity and feel we have a responsibility to offer a different vision to the world. People have described my models are 'weird' or 'scary' sometimes, but I take pride in this, weird is good, I'm not interested in being the same as everyone else. I AM DIFFERENT. I gave up my entire lifetime career as a successful fashion designer to be a fine art photographer, before I was even with a gallery or had ever sold a print! It was something I just had to do, it was a huge risk.

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'I am driven by the need to produce tangible pieces of my dreams..'

Kirsty Mitchell